Should I Go To Rehab For Heroin Addiction?

Should I Go To Rehab For Heroin Addiction?

February 1, 2021 0 By admin

Realizing you are addicted to heroin is just the first step because your next big question will be, “Should I enroll in a rehab center?”. For the victim, it will be a daunting question to ask oneself since you have the fear and prejudices regarding rehab treatments, right?

Well, it’s a great thing that you are here because we are going to talk about the factors and things you need to consider before diving into any rehab treatment facility. Continue reading to find out more about it, and for you to contemplate the pros and cons of undertaking a recovery program for heroin addiction.

How Serious Is Heroin Addiction?

HeroinThis illicit substance is derived from morphine and it can stimulate the production of your “happy hormone” dopamine to give that temporal pleasurable feeling. Alongside this, you feel slight numbness or any pain in your body while the rush is still there.

What happens when you overdose with this illegal drug for a longer duration? This drug targets your brain and causes imbalances in your hormones and brain messengers. With long-term heroin addiction, it will gradually deplete your white brain tissues that distorts your ability to decide, critically think, and manage stressful events in your life.

Furthermore, it depresses your heart and lungs, which is life-threatening when it plummets beyond the required rate to stay alive. Besides that, there are short-term side effects and withdrawal symptoms when you gradually stop your heroin addiction.

When is the Right Time to Go to Rehab? 10 Signs to Observe

Heroin AddictionIt is challenging to convince yourself or your loved one that they need to enroll in rehab treatment already, so you can recover from heroin addiction. Besides that, the stigma of getting into treatment is another wall to break since it hinders you or anyone from achieving sobriety.

Around 115,000 U.S. citizens died due to heroin and opioid overdose, and a majority of them weren’t able to undergo rehab treatment programs. If they had enrolled for either inpatient or outpatient program, there could have been a 30% to 50% chance for recovery.

So when can you tell if it’s the perfect time to enroll in any recovery program? Check out these 10 signs for it can help you foretell that you need to consult your local addiction specialist for a personalized treatment plan.

1) Health Consequences due to Heroin Addiction

This opioid substance damages both your brain and body, which can be irreparable when you allow your heroin addiction to last longer. Brain damage and depression of your heart and lungs are the most critical side effects of abusing this illicit drug.

2) Broken Relationships with Your Family, Friends, and Loved Ones due to Heroin Addiction

Whether you are abusing heroin or other illicit drugs, you tend to have a secretive attitude with your activities. Besides that, you tend to be temperamental and anxious all the time. All these behavioral changes destroy your happy relationship with your loved ones.

3) Being Dependent with the Drug on Daily Basis

When you are addicted to heroin, you tend to have a strong linkage with the drug. It seems like you can’t get through the day without snorting, smoking, or injecting a few doses of it. When you find this feeling, it’s a strong sign that you need to go into rehab.

4) You Take Other Things for Granted, Except Heroin

If you find yourself losing interest in your old hobbies, work, and even spending time with your loved ones, yet you’re prioritizing heroin, then you need to seek treatment ASAP.

5) Decelerating Academic or Work Performance

One of the major health consequences of heroin addiction is losing focus and analysis, which can greatly impact your work or school. If your work or school performance plummets due to a heroin overdose, then it’s about time you talk to an addiction specialist.

6) Lying to Your Friends and Family Regarding Your Heroin Addiction

You think that your friends and family don’t have the right to know about your heroin overdose, because you are in control and it’s none of their business. When you think that way, then it’s about time you talk to a counselor or psychologist about your concern.

7) Legal Problems Caused by Heroin Addiction

Some of the frequent legal concerns brought by addiction are stealing, physical assault, and sexual abuse. This happens because you are no longer in control of your behavior and thinking. Likewise, you get easily irritated and temperamental.

8) Forgetting Your Responsibilities

When you are hooked up with heroin, you tend to forget other important matters like attending your child’s parent-teacher meeting, client appointments, and others. With that, it’s the best time to get professional help from any rehab facilities near you.

9) Frequent Failed Attempts to Quit

How many times have you tried quitting to use heroin yet you failed to do so? If it’s more than two to three, then it’s solid proof that you need external help from seasoned doctors and counselors.

10) When Your Friends and Family Tells You That You Need Professional Help

It is almost impossible for you to know that you are addicted to heroin because you always have the notion that you are in control. However, when your loved ones tell you that you are losing your grip, then you need to listen to them.

Is It Worthwhile To Enroll Into Rehab? 7 Best Benefits

We are done sharing the 10 signs to tell that it’s the right time to go into treatment. Now, let’s move forward with the best benefits of availing of rehab treatment programs.

  1. Heroin AddictionYou will receive a structured routine that you need to follow to develop healthy and positive behavior.
  2. You will be placed in a clean, friendly, and homey environment.
  3. There will be various therapies and medications to be given to you based on your condition and addiction status.
  4. You will be given around the clock medical assistance in case your withdrawal symptoms are severe and painful.
  5. Some counselors and doctors will guide you in formulating your objectives for recovery.
  6. You will be given a balanced diet and workout regimen that will help you rebuild your health.
  7. There will be an aftercare program that will help you maintain sobriety even after your inpatient rehab program. With that, there is a very minimal chance that you will go into relapse.

If you still have questions or clarifications, then contact an addiction specialist today. They will give you personalized and sound advice on getting sober.